Milan’s Monumental Cemetery (Cimitero Monumentale)

Milan’s Monumental Cemetery is one of the city’s more unusual attractions. I’m not normally one for visiting cemeteries, but from what I’d seen online before our trip, it looked like a different and spectacular place to while away a morning. Opened in the 1860s, it has a Gothic sensibility in places, with highly decorative tombs. It’s filled with mini works of art: elaborate creations ranging from obelisks, mini house tombs (a modern take on the ancient Roman and Etruscan designs?), and the stunning Famedio (first picture), featuring some of Milan’s great and good. There’s even a couple of 3D representations of The Last Supper, including one in bronze pictured below.









The tomb above is probably the one I found most striking. It’s dedicated to a pilot who died during World War 2, and that’s a propeller in his hands, while a massive Medusa is clutching at his heels.  But others were more abstract…   P1020392a

P1020412 P1020386a P1020381a P1020385a P1020378


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