Digital: the power in your hands?

I’ve blogged before about some of the perceived barriers to doing digital: the elements that make up “the fear“. Many civil servants quote lack (or is that just a perceived lack?) of senior management support.  So, as part of our bigger package of activity to embed digital around BIS, we’ve worked with our internal comms colleagues to showcase senior level support.  And today we’ve introduced three great posters (produced completely inhouse).

Gemma, Duncan and David are all active online, and show different aspects of using digital in day to day work.  We’re using “the power in your hands” strapline to get people thinking about how they can use digital tools to empower themselves – that reflects nicely back to our strapline for digital fortnight when we talked about how digital was an enabler for policy makers.  Here are the finished products!




5 thoughts on “Digital: the power in your hands?

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