Bye bye BIS (Hello Involve)

I’m saying goodbye to my normal day job in BIS. But not forever. As part of our commitment to outreach and learning from other sectors, I’m going to be spending the week with participation organisation Involve.

So starting tomorrow (who said working weeks have to start on a Monday?), I’ll be heading a bit little further east in London every day to join the team, with a few key objectives:

– to see what I can learn and apply from their work on embedding engagement;
– to actively get involved in that;
– to help them celebrate their 10th anniversary.

I’ve been aware of the organisation and the work they do since my policy days, so I’m excited to see what I get up to. I’ll be blogging about it here and on the Involve blog, so watch this (and that) space!

2 thoughts on “Bye bye BIS (Hello Involve)

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