From social to digital: reinventing our surgeries

We had some success with our social media surgeries last year – including the consumer rights project that featured in one of our digital engagement case studies, and which continues to use digital tools as it reaches the next phase in the policy process.

laptop and stethoscope

laptop and stethoscope (Photo credit: jfcherry)










We haven’t held many of the surgeries in recent months, so we’ve decided to reinvigorate them.  So this month, the focus is moving beyond social media queries, to include (and try to mop up) all of the random queries that we as a digital team get. So, whether they’re on GOV.UK , personal use of social media, or questions around what individuals can and can’t do, we’ll hopefully address some of the smaller queries that we spend (relatively speaking) a lot of time answering, and be able to focus on really addressing our priorities in the most innovative way possible.  Hopefully, it’ll also make those using our services think in a more integrated way about different aspects of digital.

I’ll blog about how we get on!.

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