Social Media shaping the research process: an interview with Ipsos Mori’s Sarah Castell


Last week I was delighted to blog for the British Science Association’s on the next BIS public attitudes to science survey (#PAS2014).  I’ve had a sneaky peek at what Ipsos Mori are up to as part of that research process, and what struck me is how different a research proposal can look compared to those I’ve evaluated over the years.  So I wanted to find out a little more about what Ipsos Mori were up to with social media and social listening: not just within this particular project, but more widely.

So, Sarah Castell, Ipsos Mori’s Head of Qualitative Methods in the UK, agreed to an interview that we thought we’d record, and she explores the role of Ipsos Mori’s online panels, what researchers (and those in the public sector commissioning research) can gain from social listening, and how qualitative research is complemented by that listening.

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