A few of my (recent) favourite (social media) things..

Last month saw National Apprenticeship Week and National Science & Engineering Week go by in quick succession.  Both Weeks  produced some of my favourite uses of social media, and provided an opportunity for us to do a little experimenting of our own.

PinterestFor Apprenticeship Week, Number 10 and the National Apprenticeship Service introduced the hashtag #madebyapprentices to showcase some of the work being undertaken by apprentices across the country.  The resulting Pinterest board has to be one of my favourite uses of Pinterest  far – it’s a brilliant vehicle for showcasing the variety of opportunities available, and the breadth of products and services that apprentices are involved in – from your morning coffee to the train that takes you home.

We captured one of the featured images at the Big Bang Fair.  As ever, that event was a real eye-opener with the ingenuity of the young people there.  We also got to experiment with Vine which could become quite addictive and useful.

The Big Bang Fair also incorporates the finals of the National Science & Engineering Competition and we were delighted that this year’s winners feature in the first of our – hopefully regular – BIS Science & Innovation podcast series – a departure from our normal use of Audioboo that I’ll blog about  separately.

Science Week also saw the Science Week using that channel in quite an interesting way as part of its Century of Innovation #greatvote.  Audio snippets feature in most of the innovations that were up for “election” – with everyone from celebs like Stephen Fry, BIS Ministers and Yewande Akinola (an engineer that I first met as part of the Ingenious Women mentoring programme, and who continues to inspire).  It was interesting to see “behind the scenes” slightly with this – from how the Audioboo channel was used originally to record individual innovation endorsements through to the final product as it now stands.  Now those Audiboo snippets are effectively incorporated into all the other supporting info for each innovation.  Social media was also used effectively to garner support for individual innovations (both past and future).

2 thoughts on “A few of my (recent) favourite (social media) things..

  1. And it was a joy to work on the #MadebyApprentices Pinterest board I have to say! Really incredibly inspirational stuff. Still adding new images to the board and I think it will have some longevity to it as well. It proved the use/worth of Pinterest to me.

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