This is a reblog of one of my colleague’s posts showcasing his wonderful photography from Sicily.  It’s always been on my travel to do list, but these pictures now make a visit a must.

Michael's Eye

There is something for everyone in Sicily. The remains of ancient civilisations, be they Greek, Roman or Arab-Norman, are breathtaking. Here’s another selection of images for you. In this second part, you’ll get a fair idea of the warmth, colour and light of Sicily. I hope you enjoy.

Statue at the entrance to La Capella Palatina, Palermo

Church of Matorana Palermo

Stunning interior detail; Monreale Gothic Cathedral, Palermo Provence

La Capella Palatina, Palermo

Fontana Pretoria, Palermo

Statue, Syracuse Cathedral

Interior, Syracuse Cathedral

The Diana Fountain, Piazza Archimede, Syracuse


Cefalu Cathedral

Villa del Casale, Piazza Armerina

Typical Sicilian side street

These Sicilian ceramic heads can be found, adorning houses, throughout the island

Mount Etna has ‘mini’ craters at various levels – but all are huge…

Mount Etna

All images Michael David © 2012

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