Instagram Your Policy kicks off #SMWLDN for BIS

Well it’s arrived. A busy week of events for us in the digital team.  I’ll blog later in the week on the @bisdigital blog about how we get on with the various events, but I thought I’d give a little bit more detail on Instagram Your Policy which we’ve just launched.

We’re giving individuals around the Department two weeks to submit Instagrammed photos showing any aspect of their individual policy.  Given the range of policies that we cover, that could be anything from work with schools, universities and colleges; to consumers; to any of the world-class science that we support.   We’ll then use those pictures to populate our Pinterest boards.

Why Instagram and Pinterest?  Why not encourage people to use our digital day blog (we will do that as the week progresses) or have some kind of mass social media sign up?  Well, as I’ve said I liked the Instagram your city concept adopted by the organisers of Social Media Week, and I was interested to see how I could apply it.  I also thought that – for people who are already engaged in their personal lives, but choosing for whatever reason not toengage in a work context (there’s an emerging blog on that I think) – this could be a relatively easy way for people to begin thinking about how they could personally get involved in telling the BIS story.  It’s an experiment so we’ll see how it goes.  And if I was allowed to enter, I think I’d enter this postbox.

And talking of Pinterest the session on Flickr, Pinterest and YouTube was our first sellout – admittedly it’s quite a small session – again determined by available room size – but it’s a sellout all the same.

Altogether, we’ve got around 70 people signed up to the a range of events over the week (a good number signed up to multiple sessions), and others will see our publicity material via Yammer and internal screens.

So  on to today where we’ve got three events going on in our dedicated innovation space.  It also gives us room to showcase some of what we’ve been doing digitally within the Department – putting that together really highlighted how already we have a growing band of individual policy makers who have engaged in webchats, blogs, forums, and other social media platforms. We kick off officially at midday with our Tweet up, where you’ll hopefully see some of us tweeting using #BISsmw2012.  And later, we’ll even be welcoming guests from another department, and from ICAEW who we jointly ran a #businessinyou Twitter chat with last week.

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