I’ve reblogged this post from Tim – the consultation he’s discussing definitely isn’t BIS’s first foray into online consultation, but as Tim says it’s the first tangible development to emerge from our social media surgeries.  The fact that the approach was initiated by policy colleagues is a real digital engagement win.  None of this means that we haven’t been approached by policy colleagues before – just that this particular consultation’s subjects and audiences really lend themselves to the approach being taken (and highlight the fact that sometimes it’s ok to say no).  It’s also reminiscent of the approach taken in a previous consumer consultation.

Of course it’s still early days and real success will be measured by how far the consultation reaches, and the quality of responses received.

Clear message

BIS has launched a consultation on the Consumer Bill of Rights. In essence it is about helping consumers to understand their rights when goods or services aren’t up to scratch, and making sure businesses understand their responsibilities. Shoppers at the supermarket tillThere is also an interesting section about consumer rights around digital content.

It is fair to say I’m really proud to be a part of how this consultation is being presented online. You can find out more about it here.

We’ve worked with a really helpful and enthusiastic policy team, who with a bit of encouragement early on have managed to reduce the original 200 page consultation document to the equivalent of about six pages. Visitors can read and respond privately to the consultation online, and we’ve left in public comment boxes on each page in the hope this might generate some public discussion about the consultation too. We’ll see how that…

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