Apps for booky people

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I deliberately didn’t use the word bookish ;-D

I’ve been experimenting with shelfari as I’ve said elsewhere, and to be honest I’m not 100% convinced that it’s for me – there’s something missing, and I find the link to amazon just a tad disconcerting.  I keep coming back to, a pure means of storing/displaying one’s library via ISBN barcode scanning, and one that will always be there – as opposed to a website which could be turned off at any minute. 

I’ve invested in an iphone app called My Library which has the same functions as collectorz, but is cheaper than their iphone versions and combines books, cds and dvds.  And displays them in the same finger activated flow used by itunes.  It’s also potentially useful for me as it’ll let me see which books are in my current home, and which haven’t yet made it permanently across the Irish Sea.

So let the scanning begin!


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